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'An Ephemeral Bagatelle' part of '12'

- Performed at the Susie Sainsbury Center, 'Royal Academy of Music'

- 12 composers from conservatories around the world coming together to create a piece of flowing music to showcase the diversity and subtleties in our musical approaches



'Gabrielle' the Musical

A biographic musical about the legendary fashion designer COCO Chanel.

Worked as the Music Director, Composer, Conductor, and Male Costume Stylist

Three sold-out concerts in Greenwood and George Wood Theatre London

Featured on China Daily and Shenzhen Daily


Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 11.17.15.png


A lament from the Cello and Piano in a swirl of long flowing melodies and colourful harmonies

premiered live at the Annual PureGold Music Festival at Goldsmiths University of London

Cellist: William Lui 



K.I.T (animated short film) 

00:00 / 02:06
00:00 / 01:29

Soft piano accompanied by a full-string orchestra, breathtakingly emotional and expressive. 

A medical robot named K.I.T. roams the ruins of an Earth once inhabited by humanity as he recalls the memories of mankind. 

-Selected to screen in the Academy Award Qualifying Short Shorts Film Festival, Tokyo


Best Animated Film in the Reale Film Festival

-Platinum and Silver Awards in the Independent Shorts Awards

On Another Note

Jazz band featuring Solo Clarinet, Piano, Upright Bass and Drumset...smoky and uplifting 

After quitting his dead-end job, 24-year-old Nathan is driving back to his hometown to work for his parents. Those plans change when his car suddenly breaks down in smoke. A man pulls over to help, but it's none other than Nathan's dreaded high school music teacher, Mr. Richmond. With no other options, Nathan must heal old wounds in order to get back on the road.


- Best Male Student Director in the Hollywood Shorts Fest

- Best Student Film in the Top Shorts Film Festival

- Best Acting Duo Silver Award in the Independent Shorts Awards

- Nominated for Best Indie Short in the Independent Shorts Awards

- Official Selection in the Indie Clips Short Film Festival

SWEET DREAMS (Stop Motion Animation Short)

A cute, innocent, and naive fishy enmeshes in a vicious cycle which leads her deeper into the quagmire of errors, outstanding achievement at the Berlin Flash Film Festival

Classical clarinet accompanied by ethnic percussion and a wild mix of electronics with a slight touch of strings

light and playful in nature with a strong sense of dark and twisted harmonies and electronics


 A blend of electronics and orchestral instruments, lush orchestration with ominous bells. Epic, eerie, inauspicious and monumental

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